India's COVID death toll may be much higher than officially recorded | DW News

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During the week between April 18 and 25, India reported 2.24 million new coronavirus cases, the highest number recorded by any country in a seven-day period. It also logged 16,257 deaths, almost double the 8,588 deaths recorded the previous week, according to Health Ministry data. India has been logging global daily records of over 300,000 cases for the last five days. The country saw 352,991 daily new infections and 2,812 COVID-related deaths in the past 24 hours. Altogether, 195,123 people have died while 17.3 million people have been infected with the virus in India. These numbers are staggering, but experts and epidemiological modelers believe that the real number of COVID fatalities could be much higher than the deaths recorded by health departments nationwide. “The distressing scenes of patients dying in ambulances and bodies burning on pyres outside crematoriums and even on pavements across cities and towns clearly show that the tragedy is far greater,” Anoop Saraya, a private doctor, told DW.


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